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Hello, welcome to the Magic Valley, we’re Frootimals!

Part of fruit and part of animal, we’re the best friends who love to discover new things as a team.

We love the precious moments spent between a parent and a baby that create memories that will last a lifetime. Frootimals born out of the need to offer more than just a product. We ainm to accompany all the parents, hand in hand, through this experience full of fun and growth to help solve every day problems and spark the imagination of your child.

Let’s make room for the little things that matter!


How do we accompany you?

Our mission is to help you. For this reason our goal is based in structure our offerings into the different moments of the day, to ensure we’re there 24/7. From the outdoor activity days to the sleepless nights, you can count on us!

Frootimals are here during every moment of the day!

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Momentos del día - Frootimals
Elemento cenefa azul - Frootimals


Melany Melephant

Melany Melephant loves to hug and give to others. She is known to trumpet her trunk when she is happy!

Secret Talent: Can fall asleep anywhere.

Favorite Time of the Day: Sleep time. Shhh… Lights off!

Miss Pio Chickicado

The smallest of all Frootimals but the chattiest one… Miss Pio loves to talk to everyone.

Secret Talent: Even though she has small legs, Miss Pio is the fastest runner in the land. Specially when playing sports!

Favortie Tme of the Day: On-the-go. Did someone say adventure time? Miss Pio want to join!


OrangieFly enjoys splashing her friends with her beautiful wings!

Secret Talent: Watering the flowers of the Magic Valley to reveal the prettiest colours.

Favorite Time of the Day: Bath Time. The water makes OrangieFly feel so happy and fresh.

Bubba Tropibear

Whenever something needs to get done, Tropibear is the one!

Secret Talent: Finding and sharing the sweetest fruits of the Magic Valley.

Favorite Time of the Day: Meal Time! Bubba Tropibear can smell delicious fruits from miles away!

Bizzy LemonBee

Loves to explore and discover every corner of the Magic Valley.

Secret Talent: Bizzy can find best spots when Frootimals play hide and seek.

Favorite Time of the Day: Discovery Time! Bizzy is a great learner with new challenges.